This one day course, held at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, is aimed at respiratory professionals with little or no experience of lung ultrasound (LUS) and who are involved in the care of acutely unwell patients (e.g. medical, surgical and critical care).

The course follows the Core Ultrasound Intensive Care (CUSIC) curriculum from the United Kingdom Intensive Care Society. Lung ultrasound in one module of the CUSIC accreditation program.

The course aims to introduce and enhance clinicians understanding of lung ultrasound and how this exciting tool can positively impact their practice.

This theoretical training programme meets the requirements stated by the International expert statement on training standards for critical care ultrasonography (Cholley et al, 2011).

Hands-on practice is an important part of this course. With enough advanced notice we will endeavour to have access to enough ultrasound machines to allow a high machine to participant ratio.

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Course content and objectives:

  • Ultrasound physics: Artefacts & tissue interaction
  • Equipment, knobology & probe placement
  • How to perform a structured LUS examination
    • Practical session
  • Image acquisition and optimisation
  • The normal lung
    • Practical session
  • Pathology on LUS
    • Pleural effusion
    • Consolidation
    • Collapse/atelectasis
    • Interstitial syndrome
    • Pneumothorax
  • Case Studies
  • How LUS can inform clinical practice
  • Overview of clinical governance
  • Advice on how to gain competency
  • Questions